UHU Creativ- Craft glue for foam rubber & flexible materials

Posted by Captain Crafter on 3:55 PM
I received my sample of UHU glue the other day from Maria Filosa's UHU Project Blog. I got right to work figuring out what I could use this glue for. First I would like to say this glue is amazing what it can do, its bonding power is excellent and I love how it remains flexible.

Here's a list of uses I have found to work well for someone who stamps, scrapbooks, even general crafts:

1. If you have a piece of card stock that you're going to add to a card, take it and run a line of the UHU Creativ Glue the whole length. Next, take a piece of scrap card or a spreading tool and spread the glue to all edges. Let the glue dry, which doesn't take long. Now what you have is a re-positional adhesive on your card stock piece that you card place and lift up to three times before you start to loose stickiness. I love this technique because if you don't like where you put it, the piece comes up easily, but once the glue has set it's quite permanent. This use I described could come in handy if you're out of Sticky Strip.

2. The second use that I discovered is what the UHU Creativ Glue was intended, flexible materials. I had a stamp that needed repair where the rubber was separating from the foam backing. Also, I had another stamp where the foam was coming off the wood block. In both cases I would have use my Crystal Effects, but now you can save that for better purposes. This glue not only fixed both stamps but when it was dry it remain flexible which is very important for stamping to get a nice even image. Also, I should say I didn't prepare the surfaces either.

3. Now this third use is awesome. It has to do with ribbon, and adhering ribbon to a card or scrapbooking. What you need to do is take a strip of ribbon and run a thin and I mean thin bead of the UHU glue the full length of the ribbon or add a couple of small dabs at each end. Then you want it to dry like I stated before in use #1. Now its a easy a putting the ribbon where you want it, simple. This example would seem to work with those faux flowers everyone is using(something I don't have). You must a thin bead on the ribbon because if you put too much on it may seep through and show.

4. Other ideas I came up with but I've yet to try: fixing shoe soles, use it to patch a bike tube(smear a good amount onto a piece of kitchen wrap to make patch), children's toys, model building, attaching ribbon to homemade Christmas ornaments. As I come up with more I'll place them here.

The one thing that is a bother is the smell, so caution is needed to prevent overexposure from vapors. That wasn't a problem for me. Also, this product is flammable and it is recommended not to smoke while using the glue. The biggest precaution is to keep out of reach of children.

I have to say it was so awesome to get a free same of this glue and I had a fun time finding some uses for it. I think anyone stamping or doing crafts in general should have UHU Creativ Glue as one of their adhesives.



Sounds like this has a lot of great uses.

nicely done. I've got a sample sitting here and you've inspired me to get on it! Thanks Greg!

Thank you for the helpful tips for uses with this glue. I have some too.

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