Here's My New Ultra Exciting Scissors

Posted by Captain Crafter on 12:48 PM

Well when you look at these scissors a certain brand comes to mind. If you guessed Stampin' Up Craft and Rubber Scissors. I've tried my friends out when I purchased a mega load of Stampin' Up stamp sets from her. Stampin' Up's Scissors work amazingly well and I'm sure many of you have this brand and would agree with me. The scissors that you see here were given to me for Father's Day from my Mom and Dad. The reason why I received these is because my Mom has a pair and it caught my eye one day when I was over at their house for a visit. I asked my Mom if she could pick me up a pair when she was at the florist wholesaler on her next trip to pick up stuff for herself. The moment I saw these I thought of The Stampin' Up scissors immediately. I knew they would do the job, maybe not better but just as well. I have to say I was right, they cut through rubber like it wasn't there. These scissors are ultra sharp and no child should ever use them.
The scissors are made by Clauss and the two are actually corsage snips. One is a 7" blade and the ID# is FSS7. The second is a 6" blade , but it seems much smaller and the ID# is FSS6 . Also, they do have a bit of serration at the base of the blades and I haven't had any trouble with it. Clauss also makes another pair of corsage snips and it looks as though they don't have any serration. That pairs ID# is NK75848 and thats all I know. I don't have a price cause I didn't think asking my parents for the price of a gift. Somehow I think that would be a bit tacky. So, there you have it a pair from Stampin' Up and Clauss, Both awesome and it seems its a choice you'll have to make on which pair to get. I think I should offer an explanation as to why I haven't purchased scissors from Stampin' Up, it's quite simple really I wouldn't be able to purchase as many stamp sets.

If you are going to get a pair of these scissors, try looking at your local nursery or maybe Home Depot.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any question please post a comment.



Hmmm I will have to look into this!

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