It cuts like a knife............Part 2.

Posted by Captain Crafter on 8:07 AM
This post is in response to some questions that have been asked. First, I was asked what type of mat I use. I use a self healing mat, I have used this flavor of mat for many years and have found it to be quite adequate. Though I do have a Fiskars mat that I use just for my circle cutter. The second question refers to how I actually cut card stock. I tend to go slowly and angle my craft knife while cutting, I find doing this makes cutting easier than having the blade perpendicular to the project. Cutting with the blade perpendicular to the work can make cutting jerky and your finished product won't have a nice smooth edge. So keeping the blade at an angle, and when you pause to reposition what your cutting don't lift the blade. Doing this makes your finished work nice and smooth with no jagged edges. This is how I cut, this may not work for everyone. Keep on trying and don't give up because your card or whatever project you work on will be worth it in the end.



Thanks for the info! Great cards BTW!

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