Laura's Sketch #20

Posted by Captain Crafter on 1:40 PM
When I first saw Laura's sketch at 2Sketches4You, I thought this is going to be tough. Initially I thought the sketch looked a little like a cow, then a persons bum came to mind. I finally came up with an idea that fit quite well. I know it's not a pretty card, but I think it's funny. The lollipop does have crystal effects on it, but, unfortunately it doesn't show up here. Looking at the card now I wish I'd added some taste buds to the tongue. Oh well, next time.


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Kazan's Sketch #20

Posted by Captain Crafter on 4:52 PM
I just received some new stamps in the mail so I thought I'd use them for this challenge from 2Sketches4You. Enjoy!!!

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A Quick Fix For Gel Pens

Posted by Captain Crafter on 10:20 PM
Here's the long anticipated gel pen repair tutorial. I know I'm not the only one that loves and hates the white gel pens, and I know I'm not the only one out there with a stack of white gel pens that don't work. So I have developed a crude way to fix these pens and get what we paid for; WHITE GOLD!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! 

There's a few things you need to gather to do the repair. You need a white eraser, a craft knife, and the white gel pen (of course). In the first picture you can see that I cut a piece of eraser just bigger than the hole of the ink insert.

In the second picture shows the piece of eraser that will be a plug. I have just inserted the eraser plug into the ink insert. I know what you are all thinking square peg round hole, trust me it will work and save you money. Also in this picture you can see other plug that I have inserted, I just put another one in to show you it looks like upon insertion. You'll only need one maybe two plugs.

In picture three, I'm showing what I use to push the plug down deeper into the ink insert. So each time you push the plug, and ONLY A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME, your pen will work once again. If you push too much the ink will flow out quickly and destroy you work so test on a scrap piece of card stock.

In this last picture you can see a before and after. Now remember push the plug just a wee bit.
One last bit of info, I use the ink insert as the pen (I don't reassemble the pen) and I toss the rest of the pen bits.

Well there you have it, I hope this fix (not a pretty fix, but, a fix just the same)works for you. 
Thanks for looking.

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