UHU-Purple Glue Stick Review

Posted by Captain Crafter on 12:02 PM

I received a UHU glue stick to review from Maria Filosa's UHU project. I was sent a colored glue stick made by UHU, I've seen this product in stores for some time and I have used it in the past. So far I've only used the glue stick on my cards and for that purpose it works extremely well. The glue goes on purple and dries clear, I really like this and I know most will agree because I can see where the glue is on my card stock. If you have put too much on you can see the purple glue and do something about it. The other advantages most people will like is it's non-toxic, washable and acid free. I only found one con for this glue stick and it's not a big con and it is that UHU should make the stick square, I really think that would be a good improvement and I would probably use it as my primary glue for card making. As is the glue is awesome, all the promises UHU states on the package are true. I've always found their glue does exactly what it says it will do.

I give it two thumbs up, it's worth buying.



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